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A group of colleagues who share an interest in brain research and brain connectivity have come together with the initiative of launching a collaboration network to investigate the neural underpinnings of cognitive deterioration in neurodegenerative diseases.

The network's aim is to create a space for collaboration which we hope will grow as more researchers join this initiative. There is not fix agenda or working protocol. All that join us is an interest and a desire to share with and learn from active researchers in the field. We envisage that this context will not promote new studies but it will strengthen existing one by providing new alternatives to which we may want to subject our existing data. This will be possible because those researchers already involved, have agreed to made their existing methodologies available to those interested in using them.

We need to know a bit from those wanting to join the network. To this aim we have prepared a basic Expression of Interest form which gathers general details that will put the connected labs in the spotlight. By browsing this information researchers will not only be able to learn about the work from these labs and their members, but also to contact them to set up collaborations. This Expression of Interest form can be downloaded from the link below. You can them email the completed form to ul.bcrn@gmail.com.