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Any study involving EEG recordings at Heriot-Watt University will follow certain procedures listed below:

Expression of interest should be sent to Dr Mario A Parra (Lab Director) M.Parra_Rodriguez[at]hw.ac.uk.

Interested Students/Staff should complete an application form to request access to the EEG lab. The form should be downloaded from our Lab website at < >.

Once the study is approve, the interested lab users will be need to complete and pass the EEG Proficiency Test. Such a test is available from our Lab website at < >.

The above test assesses basic skills in EEG in general and in our lab in particular. In addition to passing this test, the authorised lab used will need to complete a minimum of 6 hours of lab

practice (e.g., observing and helping with ongoing study) and be in the position to run a EEG study independently.

You will be issued with a Lab User Number which you will need to use for:

  1. EEG Lab Booking System
  2. Naming you EEG data folder in the recording PC
  3. Correspondence with lab administrators about your EEG study
  4. Request EEG consumables

Lab user will need to agree with and sign a Lab Terms & Conditions form before they can initiate studies.

Edited by Mario A Parra - June 14 th 2016


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