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Short-term memory binding: towards a novel biomarker of memory for Alzheimer's disease.

Electrophysiological biomarker of memory for Alzheimer's disease.
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Brain network dynamic during short-term memory binding: a study across the lifespan.

Electrophysiological assessment of interhemispheric transfer time.
Optimal Low-density EEG montage to detect mild cognitive impairment in ambulatory settings.
Enhancing memory binding abilities across age using tDCS.
Network Theory concepts to EEG signal data of patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI).
Electrophysiological correlates of emotional processing in normal individuals and in those with neuropsychiatric, psychosocial, or developmental disorders. Learn more...

Personalising Cognitive Intervention for Dementia via Intelligent Virtual Advisors.

A new health informatics framework to investigate the cognitive and physiological underpinnings of impairments in daily living functions in ageing and dementia. Learn more...

Evaluation of a socio-emotional short training programme on the modulation of brain connectivity patterns in ex-combatants of the Colombian armed conflict.

Tackling cultural barriers in cognitive assessment and early detection of dementias.
A Novel Cognitive Biomarker To Screen For Dementia Across Cultures And Countries. Learn more...


Our group aims to provide reliable, affordable, accessible, and culturally-unbiased methods to investigate the cognitive and biological underpinnings of abnormal behaviours in social and domestic contexts in young age and during normal and abnormal ageing.