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Research Assistant

Clara has obtained a Clinical Doctorate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Italy (2014). She also completed a PgDip in Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford Brookes University (2010), as well as an MSc in Clinical Psychology (2008) and a BSc in Psychology (2006). She has been working in both research and clinical settings in the area of neuropsychology and clinical psychology since 2008 with a wide range of patients and conditions.

Clara is currently working as a Research Assistant for the project coordinated by Dr Mario Parra.



Calia, C., Darling, S., Allen, R.J., Havelka, J. (2015). Visuospatial bootstrapping: aging and the facilitation of verbal memory by spatial displays. Archives of Scientific Psychology. 3,74–81

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Della Sala, S., Calia, C., De Caro, M.F. & McIntosh, R.D. (2014). Transient involuntary mirror writing triggered by anxiety. Neurocase.



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