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Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art EEG units.

The ActiveTwo AD-box forms an ultra compact, low power galvanically isolated front-end (close to the subject) in which up to 256 sensor-signals are digitized with 24 bit resolution. These sensors can be Active electrodes but also BioSemi Bufferboxes with normal passive electrodes, as well as a range of additional active sensors measuring parameters like respiration, temperature, force etc. Each AD-box channel consists of a low noise DC coupled post-amplifier, with a first order anti-aliasing filter, followed by a Delta-Sigma modulator with an oversampling rate of 64, and decimation filter with a steep fifth order sinc response and high resolution 24-bit output. The digital outputs of all the AD converters (up to 256) are digitally multiplexed and sent to the PC via a single optical fiber without any compression or other form of data reduction.

The NuAmps is designed as a portable system that obtains power from a laptop computer (USB). Computers powered by the AC wall power supply require the optional isolation transformer to meet FDA patient safety guidelines. 40 channel monopolar DC amplifier with a sampling rate of 1000 Hz. 22-bit resolution. Easy connection the high density cap connector or the individual Touch Proof connectors on the face of the amplifier. Real time scalp impedance measurement.

A complete hardware system for high-performance QEEG/ERP testing and recording in clinical applications.
Headset Control Unit
Electrode Harness
Headset Cable