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DAEM: Detecting Alzheimer’s & Enhancing Memory
@ the Meet the Expert Event
Glasgow Science Centre




On the 25th and 26th of Feb 2017, the DAEM (Detecting Alzheimer’s & Enhancing Memory) team from Heriot-Watt University ran a Meet the Expert event at the Glasgow Science Centre in conjunction to the British Science Week. The event aimed to engage the public in dementia research focusing on diagnosis and rehabilitation.


Dr. Lim, Dr. Hoefeijzers, and Dr. Parra, interacted with the public over the two-day event exploring the world of virtual reality as a means to train people in daily living activities such as “make sandwiches”.


During the event, they demonstrated a prototype of their Virtual Reality program for the assessment and rehabilitation of everyday-tasks in people with early signs of dementia (find more information here). The public was given a chance to try out the system and make a “virtual sandwich”, a common everyday task. People from all ages ranging from 5 to 83 years old took part and the program was very well received. The team also had great time and fun sharing their research with the public.

See a video of the task below:



To promote engagement and active participation, the public was asked to show “how good they are at making sandwiches”, virtual sandwiches of course. We timed them and ask them to rate their experience afterwards. Kids and grownups reported they enjoyed the experience and saw potential in this initiative. Kids found the task a bit challenging though, specially the youngest ones, but them made it! Parents were pleased to see that, ... no excuse next time... they said 😉




Our group aims to provide reliable, affordable, accessible, and culturally-unbiased methods to investigate the cognitive and biological underpinnings of abnormal behaviours in social and domestic contexts in young age and during normal and abnormal ageing.