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 DAEM: Detecting Alzheimer's & Enhancing Memory


What is DAEM about? Longitudinal Assessment of Memory: We are assessing people with memory problems yearly using novel methodologies that are shedding light on the earliest symptoms linked to Alzheimer’s disease. This study is approved by the NHS. The information drawn from these assessments is used to provide research evidence and to inform clinical practice. We are also performing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings to people interested in these assessments.

EEG assessment: We collect the EEG while people perform a memory task. This assessment involves putting a cap with some electrodes on the head and to respond to some stimuli on a computer screen while we record the EEG. This session lasts approximately one hour. It provides information on the brain functions associated to memory performance. We can investigate how different brain regions communicate to each other while people remember things. This assessment takes place at the Heriot-Watt University Neurophysiology Lab.

fMRI Assessment: This assessment involves obtaining images of the brain in action while people respond to some visual stimuli. This session lasts approximately one hour. It provides information on the brain functions and structures associated to memory performance. This assessment is carried out at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience of the Wester General Hospital.

Interested or know someone who may be?

All of these procedures are completely harmless. If necessary, we will arrange transportation for you for both appointments. If you have any questions about these evaluations, please contact:

Longitudinal Assessment of Memory and fMRI assessments
Dr Clara Calia
Tel: 07906194175
Email: c.calia[at]hw.ac.uk

EEG Assessments
Dr Serge Hoefeijzers
Tel: 0131 451 8009
Mobile: 07597657230
Email: S.Hoefeijzers[at]hw.ac.uk

General inquiries
Dr Mario A Parra
Tel. 0131 451 8365
Mobile: 078722417411
Email: M.Parra_Rodriguez[at]hw.ac.uk

This study is part of UK NHS research portfolio (Portfolio Study ID 14648) and is supported by Alzheimer’s Society, the Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network and the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre.


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